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We are committed to working with our customers to find solutions for their specific applications. In addition to our standard production, we always strive to accommodate customer requests and, if necessary, develop a new X-ray tube for their specific application. Spot size, exit angle, operating parameters, and anode materials are customizable.

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The world of X-ray assemblies and tubes

In our product range, you will find X-ray assemblies and tubes that impress with precise construction and manufacturing, offering versatile applications in the fields of medicine, industry, and research.

X-ray Assemblies

up to 80 kV

Our range includes a variety of combinations of X-ray tubes in the radiation protection housing, which in turn can have different exit angles, cooling methods, mounting options, and operating voltages (up to 80 kV).

Technical X-ray Tubes

up to 80 kV

The cathode system of this type of X-ray tubes is finely tuned, resulting in highly stable operation. In our product range, we offer technical X-ray tubes with glass windows up to 80 kV and with beryllium windows up to 60 kV.

Dental X-ray Tubes

up to 70 kV

The structure is similar to a classic X-ray tube, which is typically operated in pulse mode. This allows for higher power output. We manufacture dental X-ray tubes with a voltage of up to 70 kV and focal spots ranging from 0.3 – 0.8 IEC.

Molded X-ray Tubes

up to 30 kV

All our X-ray tubes with a beryllium window can be encapsulated with a special rubber-like potting compound. There are numerous combinations possible between focal spot size, anode angle, anode material, and X-ray exit window.


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We also offer our X-ray generators as a complete package with pre-assembled high-voltage and heating cables and a high-voltage power supply.
The latter are customized and thus ready for immediate use.

Versatile usability

Countless application areas

ChatGPT Our products are used in numerous application areas, from precise medical diagnostics to material inspection in the industry.

Medical Diagnostics


Industrial Inspection

Material Research

Airport Security

Food Industry

Archaeology and Art Restoration

Material Testing in the Construction Industry

Aerospace Industry

Veterinary Medicine Investigations

Useful Knowledge


Thank you very much for your interest in our products. Do you have a question? You can find the answer in our list of FAQ.

What should be considered before commissioning X-ray tubes and assemblies?

The HV-power supply used has to have a control circuit with filament current limit. It may only be adjusted to the specified manufacturers´ instructions (e.g. data sheet) to prevent overheating the filament when turned on. (See our application notes respective life time)

The X-ray tube assembly must be stored at room temperature for at least 48 hours before commissioning.

We recommend a warm-up before initial operation, see application guidelines.

The lifespan depends on the operating conditions and operational parameters. Please refer to our application guidelines for further information.

The warranty period is 12 months, as stated in the terms and conditions.

The focal spot declared on our final test data sheet match the actual focal spot of the x-ray tube in standard operation.

The grid control can be used for ‘closing’ or ‘pulsing’ the tube, please refer to our application guidelines for details.

The packaging must be designed in a way that the goods are not subjected to impacts. If you receive the package through a carrier, it should be inspected immediately for any external damages.

For international shipments, the package may be opened by customs; upon receipt, the goods should be promptly checked for any damage.

See our application notes respective x-ray tube assembly rapid test.

Replacement of the X-ray tube is only possible at our facility.

The components are not user-repairable.

The warranty claim is void if disassembly or loosening of fasteners is done by the user.

The waste oil is to be disposed of in a proper manner.

The Be-windows are also to be turned over to a processing plant.

We offer a proper disposal within our facility.

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Do you have any questions about our products or need further information? We are at your disposal.

Do you need help?

Our dedicated team is available to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may have.

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